Get your receivables under control by using the world’s best agencies to collect them!

Place accounts for Collection or Sale and receive the best value price and service from a professional and trusted agency network
If your organisation thinks every service offering must be by tender, stop wasting time. Every agency here has passed the quality-assured test.

About us

METWORK is an independent value, price and service platform bringing debt placers and collection agencies together for mutually beneficial relationships. If you have debt that needs collecting all you have to do is to place it here so that one of the agencies can bid for your business – to either buy your debt portfolio or work on it on “commission on collection basis”. After considering offers from the platform’s debt collection agencies, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. To better understand how you can make the best choice and how easily you can benefit from this unique service Metwork has explained the process in detail.

Founded in 2011 by an industry professional with more than 25 years’ experience, Metwork is with you every step of the way in providing you with all the necessary information and a specialised platform to get your debt collected quickly and professionally.

Metwork’s vision

Its vision is to provide greater choice for individuals, companies and organisations alike when it comes to collecting debt by offering access to an already established network of debt collection agencies – that we refer to as RMA (Receivables Management Agencies) or Metwork Members . As a result, it cuts the cost of acquiring business for well-run agencies of any size who want to work with like-minded professionals.

Metwork provides businesses everywhere the opportunity to increase cash returns from their receivables by selling or placing them with professional trusted experts in the credit control industry who will protect and enhance their brand amongst their own customers.


What can we do for you?

Nowadays ‘Our network is our net-worth’, therefore it has never been more important for businesses of all shapes and sizes to work together and support each other while continuing to offer the best services possible.

Through this specialised platform, Metwork offers great value and many benefits to both the debt placer (Metwork User) and the collection agencies (Metwork Members).

If you are owed money … …

When you are owed money and you are searching for, or being contacted by agencies to help you recover your accounts, there are several things to consider:
The business sectors they specialise in
How payments are accepted
Professionalism and customer care
How and when they interact with your customers
Reporting and cash transfers
You may believe that your organisation should procure these services only by tender. This is not only incorrect, but costly and time consuming and may not produce the best recovery service. Your cash returns will also be lower because the longer it takes for the agency to start working with you, the less “collectable” your debts will be.

In a post-pandemic world, everybody needs good cash flow and fast decision-making to recover debt. Complicated tenders do not serve this objective.

To make the entire process hassle-free, Metwork provides the solution by offering you, at a click of a button, an entire network of national and international RMA (Receivables Management Agencies). We make sure that each member who is ready to bid for your business is a trusted and authorised agency that has passed a robust quality assurance assessment. All you have to do is to place accounts for Collection or Sale and choose the best value, price and service from one of the professional and trusted agencies in the Metwork network.
Place the amounts you are owed here simply by

What do we do to make this process so easy?

METWORK is an independent value, price and service platform that brings together the world’s best Receivables Management Agencies to get the debt you are owed under control.

We’re dedicated to helping national and international businesses from multiple business sectors reduce their debt collection costs and increase their client retention efficiently. This means helping every user get better deals on those services.

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