If the debt you have to collect is abroad, Metwork is able to offer support there as well. Provided we have members in that country, any accounts you place will instantly be available for them to bid for, alongside the domestic collection agencies.


This way you can forge valuable partnerships with professional overseas agencies for free.


Regardless of country, Metwork will limit the number of member agencies to 12 – and they must be able to satisfy the financial and regulatory compliance criteria applicable to the collection industry in that country. Overseas Metwork members  will be subject to the laws of England as they apply to the work they are introduced to from our platform.  

If there are any agencies that you have engaged with in the past that you do not want to deal with you can let us know and we can exclude them from the bidding process. It is as easy as that.

You need  to sign up to Metworks’ terms and conditions which cover anti-money laundering, legitimacy of business, liquidity and probity of the ownership.

You can view and agree to these as part of the Sign-up process

  1. You can exclude any debt collection agency that you do not want to work with from the bidding process.
  2. You can withdraw opportunities or re-place them, if following due diligence, transfer of the accounts cannot take place. All withdrawals and re-placements however, will be investigated by Metwork.
  3. In the unlikely event that you feel that you need to report any areas of concern, regarding your relationship with the agency you are working with, Metwork will investigate your concerns.
  4. You are bound by all the protections afforded to you as a placer in the Metwork terms and conditions that you agree to. This of course, includes the right not to place any further work on the Metwork platform – you are free to use it or not as you wish (although you will also need to agree the terms and conditions of any service level agreement/contract the agency wishes to put in place with you)

  1. To place accurate data so that members can place realistic bids.
  2. To place work that is commercially viable for members to bid for; meaning that the debt placed on the Metwork platform is comprised of several debts as a minimum. Placing one or two debts will not give you a clear idea of how effective this service can be for you. You should be seeking a long-term partner to help you recover slow paying accounts on a regular basis.
  3. To engage positively with the Metwork member you choose to work with, making sure all information they request is delivered swiftly.
  4. To report any complaints, you have with the service you are receiving from the member, to Metwork.

  1. To have full membership of the debt collection industry’s main representative association (The Credit Services Association).
  2. Compliance with all industry requirements.
  3. To hold an adequate level of professional indemnity insurance.
  4. To be free of any upheld legal action over poor professional practice over the past 5 years.
  5. To have CRB checks in place for all Receivables agents.
  6. To have appropriate certification of data and physical security.
  7. To declare that no directors have any insolvency, bankruptcy, criminal or other malpractice claims against them during the past 10 years.

The terms of membership compliance guidelines will be reviewed regularly, updated and notified to you as a member which you will deem to have accepted if you continue your membership. They are all detailed in the membership terms and conditions, which each applicant acknowledges that they have read and understood, before they can become a member.

Full details are provided in the terms and conditions of your membership but can be summarised as follows

  1. To engage actively in the bid process – assisting where necessary in asking for further/better information from the placer in order to make a reasonable bid.
  2. Not to make any contact with a placer during the bidding process or after the successful bidder has been notified, if it is not you.
  3. If successful with your bid, to work diligently with your new client to get to a "Go-live" status as quickly as possible.
  4. To responsibly conduct your own due diligence on a client you have secured work with prior to Go-live and to report any concerns to us.
  5. To report any failures by the placer to either place the work in a timely fashion, pay commissions on time or other practices that interfere with the smooth running of the work you are performing on their behalf.
  6. To assist us in providing honest and unbiased information should your client have just cause for complaint about any aspect of the work you are performing for them.
  7. To pay Metwork and your client all commissions and collected monies as they become due.
  8. To uphold the standards and protocols identified in the application to join, and the Non-disclosure agreement and terms and conditions you agree to when joining.

  1. You are not obliged to bid for any Placements that are not of interest to you.
  2. You will never be asked to agree to new terms and conditions for work you are already undertaking for a client you have secured through Metwork.
  3. Metwork will act swiftly to exclude any other member agency found to be directly approaching a client you have secured via Metwork in contravention of the agreed terms and conditions.
  4. Metwork will act swiftly on your behalf in excluding any placer who contravenes the agreed terms and conditions.
  5. We will, to the best of our ability, protect all company and bid information you supply to us either by email, phone or via the Metwork platform and will never share your intellectual and commercial property with any other party without your permission, in line with our Non-disclosure agreement.

Yes. If the member obtains legally binding permission from their client to place accounts
owned by the client that the member may or may not have already worked on, the member
can place the accounts as an opportunity for other members to bid to work.