As a Metwork Member

Benefits that a RMA has as a Metwork Member

  1. You can use a secure platform as one of 12 exclusive agencies to bid for the maximum number of worthwhile opportunities to either buy portfolios of receivables (debt) or attempt to collect them in a “commission on collection basis”.
  2. You have access to a large range of sizeable businesses offering you the possibility of choosing the individuals, companies and organisations that work best within your area of specialisation.
  3. It’s a win-win situation that you can contribute to and share in.
  4. As an RMA you can also ask your client’s permission to sell the accounts you own to other members or trusted organisations.
  5. Metwork makes sure quality is more important than size. As a result small agencies benefit from larger volumes of accounts they are specialised in collecting, at a minimal marketing cost and having the opportunity to further progress in their area of speciality.
  6. If you are successful with your bid, Metwork puts you in immediate contact with the client to “onboard them” and start working the portfolio. You pay us a commission on the collections you make which you report to us. This is a percentage of the commission you charge your client. If you have bought the debt, we charge the seller a one-off commission – there is no commission for you to pay. If you are working on a commission basis you continue to pay us commission on future work the client places with you but this can be capped by us. This is explained in more detail in our terms and conditions.
  7. Metwork may also make you an offer of a one-charge commission when you win a bid, based on approximations of future collections on that portfolio. If you think you can collect more, it makes sense to pay Metwork the one-off amount.